Sunday, June 9, 2013

Manageable Mondays

How To Make Mondays More Manageable

That dreaded day of the week.

When it comes to managing my Mondays I take the "keener" approach and start tackling it on Friday.

I look at my work pile Friday morning and do my best to get it all done.  While most are celebrating the end of the week, I have my nose to the grindstone pushing through the paperwork pile.  I do this to give myself a rest over the weekend.  You see if I leave anything left undone at work, then I spend all weekend knowing that the unfinished paperwork will be haunting my desk Monday Morning. By completing all my tasks Friday I know that I'll have a fresh start to my work week. I'll be prepared for whatever comes my way.

Wait did I say prepared? Ok I will be realistic I am a procrastinator when it comes to Monday mornings. I stay in bed as long as I can and then rush to get ready.

That may be why I implemented NO MAKEUP MONDAY. Basically Mondays involve no makeup and my hair in a ponytail (there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part this is my Monday look).  I don't want to look disheveled but I have lowered the bar for the beginning of the week. Think of it as casual Friday moved to a different time slot.  I appreciate the relaxed look more so on a Monday than a Friday so that is what works best for me.

I posed the questions to those on Facebook about how they make manage Mondays and here are the responses.

Great Ways To Start Manage Monday

Bruce Barone have a monthly and weekly and daily goal sheet
Rebecca Palmer Get the small stuff out of the way early.
Sandra Kennedy Prepare mentally as well as a to do list Sunday night so you are starting off in the right direction and with focus
Darleen Witmer New start. Eat good breakfast. Dress in fab outfit. Kickass shoes or boots. Don't stay up late Sunday. Have clothes and lunch ready to go night before. Schedule in calendar for your week's goals. Suppers made ahead or have slow cooker prepped
Marianne Wales lots of coffee when I wake up,...then watch out here I come
Ian Archibald Believe that today is the best day ever, and make it happen.
Frankie Leclair Kekes Plan ahead the night before. Put out your outfit, make your lunch, plan what supper will be, pack kids
Backpacks (if applicable). Basically do as much as you can the night before. Some even set the breakfast table the night before.

Jennifer Rebecca Fallis What's Monday? Just another day of the week like all the others. Rest on Sunday, and then Monday doesn't seem so bad after all.

Plus a few that will have you grinning!

Suzy McNeil Sleep till Tuesday
Elaine Jasvins Only work 1/2 days. I don't mind Mondays at all.
Jennifer Van Huss Pray it is a Stat holiday!
Blanche Gillis take a nap after work
I think I'll take a few ideas from both lists for more Manageable Mondays!
I would love to hear what you do make it through Monday.  Leave a comment with your best tips and tricks!

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