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Fries Stuffing (Dressing) And Gravy - Coupon Cooking

Food Flashback

FYI this IS NOT A SPONSORED post, it's just something I came up with in hopes it can be helpful!

If you read my  Coupon Cooking post last week you will see that I'm posting recipes based on my coupon purchases.  Please note that I don't eat like this all week, as packaged foods are usually not the healthiest of choices.  Moderation is the key. 

Sundays are now Republic Of Doyle night for me.  I got hooked on the CBC series last season.  When growing up, some of my favorite TV shows were with adventurous Private Eyes.  Think of MagnumPI and Simon & Simon.

Republic of Doyle reminds me of that.

Whenever I see one of their car chases through St. John's Newfoundland. I think of my trips there.  The second Newfoundland trip was a bit more vivid in my mind, but it was the first one where I discovered FRIES DRESSING AND GRAVY

Even just saying it makes my mouth water!

I couldn't believe that even the Food Court New York Fries served Fries Stuffing and Gravy.  They called it George Street Fries.

Today I'm making Fries Stuffing And Gravy otherwise known as Newfoundland Fries.  What's even better? I'm spending next to nothing to make it.

  • I bought McCain Superfries on sale for $1.99 and Checkout51 was doing a $1 back = 99 cents
  • I grabbed Stove Top stuffing right around Christmas for $2 a box (usually cheap whenever stores are selling turkeys/holiday times which makes it a good time to stock up)
  • Club House Gravy that I bought when it was 88 cents.  At the same time I used this coupon to buy two packages of Gravy and get a Free Slow Cooker Seasoning.
  • Frozen Green Giant vegetables when they were on for $1.79
Plus I bought all of it at Sobeys so I earned Club Sobeys Points!

Making this recipe is so easy.  I'm actually baking the fries while I'm writing this post

  1. Bake fries in oven.  I leave them in longer than the package says because you want them to stand up to the other toppings being piled on.
  2. When you can see the fries getting golden brown shut off the oven but keep them in there to crisp up while you make the additional ingredients
  3. Follow package directions for Stove Top Stuffing BUT there is no need to add the butter/margarine and in a separate pot following the package directions for the Club House Gravy. When the gravy is cooked add a couple of spoonfuls of gravy to the already completed Stove Top stuffing,  This adds some extra moisture (because you have excluded the butter)
  4. I also steamed up some frozen veggies (in this case frozen peas) to make at least one part of this meal healthy
  5. When the stuffing and gravy are done, plate it all. Fries first, then top with stuffing  pour gravy over. I prefer my veggies on the side, but I have saw peas added to the mixture (choice is up to you).
Did you try this recipe? Let me know, but I won't be able to respond until after tonight's TV episode Repulic Of Doyle.
For more ways to save make sure to visit my Online Coupons For Canadians Pinterest Board. I do my best to update it daily!

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