Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Movember Year Two MO-tivation

Today is Day 2 of Year 2 of my Movember participation.  Everyone has different reasons for participaiting in Movember.  Some are survivors, some are supporters, some are remembering others that have passed away & many are wanting to partake in the fun & festivities.
The real reason behind Movember KW (_/\_) is to raise awareness & motivate prostate exams.

Here's Rick Mercer explaining the importance of the exam

I have a Son, a Dad, a Brother & so many guy Friends & I want them to be healthy for a very long time.
That's my Mo-tivation

Are you participating in MOVEMBER?
Then write a post about your MO-tivation & link it here


  1. I really loved the way you have implemented your idea.. hope there are as many as input on this site.

    Olivia Dickson

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