Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is Brantford the Centre of the Universe? #Tweetstock5

Tweetstock 5

This week entailed another adventure to Brantford for Tweetstock 5 - Art Of The Community.
What does that mean?  Kevin Magee said the idea came to him at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.  It's about creating something in Brantford that will change how the people there feel about their city.

But I don't live in Brantford

(Although most people think I do)

My community is created online and extended to the places that it takes me to.  My last Tweetstock post spoke of how I came to meet the creators of Tweetstock and became sucked into the GREATNESS they have happening there.

The community they are creating reaches far beyond the Brantford city limits.  They are creating a movement.  Its something that everyone can take part of.  It can be incorporated in any part of the world where passionate and caring people live.

Walter Gretzky says that Brantford is the Centre of the Universe.
& I'm starting to think he's right.


  1. Great post - love the music with the video!!

  2. By the power vested in me as UnMayor you are now and forever shall be an honorary Brantfordian! Technically you live in the GBA (Greater Brantford Area) anyway! :-)

  3. I love that I was in the "HAPPY!" picture :)

    Love all that you do. And the way you put the words to the pictures? Fab!


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