Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Using Rare Sense To Deflate The Elephant

Many of you have heard me go on about about how COMMON sense is NOT common and how I refer to it as RARE sense.

PLEASE show me that you have this sense and have pre-planned for your long weekend!

Not sure what I mean? Well lets just say I plan ahead while others don't.

You see I don't drink if I
A)  Have my car
B)  Have my child with me
and for the most part I usually have both

So when we go visiting I usually bring my own bottle of Ginger ale with me because most BBQ's I've been to give you the choice of BEER or Juice Boxes that were meant for the kids.

Then I usually get the "Oh come on, why did you bring Pop? You can have a Beer. You'll be here for hours and your son is older now, you don't need to run after him any more".

To which I reply "Well if something happens who's going to be able to take him to the hospital?"

Ah yes RARE sense gets them every time.

Now I imagine how different the convo would have went if they had said "Oh come on, why did you bring Pop?  We made the special Mocktails from @CocktailDeeva 's video"

Now that is pre-planning & what RARE sense is all about!

For more tips on how to pre-plan (& prove you possess RARE sense) make sure to visit the Deflate The Elephant website and facebook page

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  1. THANK YOU for helping spread the message...and have a fabulous long weekend... Party Safe! Cheers


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