Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boobfest from my Perfect little Perch

Last June I was fortunate enough to attend Boobfest.  No it's not a festival of boobs, but it is a festival FOR boob health!
Dee aka @CocktailDeeva spoiled us all with food, fun and fabulousness all for an important cause.  She raised funds to participate in the Weeknend To End Women's Cancers.

That was last June

Flash forward --> Dee has been very inspiring to the women who converse with her online & in real life. 
  • She and sparked a movement with her #BeKind video
  • Turned shoe swapping into a benefit for local food banks.
  • She taught us all how to use technolgy to start convos with our kids via her #DearDaughter video
  • Is always supportive of the people around her
January 1st everyone was announcing their resolutions.  Right now I am so VERY thankful for all the wonderful things that happened in 2010 I decided my resolution was to #PayItForward .  I told Dee that my resolution was to help her with whatever I could this year.  I'm glad she knows I'm true to my word.

I got a message from Dee saying that this year she wanted to add a twitter element to BOOBFEST 2011 & would I be interested in hosting the twitter party right from her party.
I immediately said yes!  Not only was I excited, I was honoured that she would entrust a part of her event to me aka the #TwitterFairy.

I had my only little spot which I called my #TwitterFairy perch.  I was able to interact with guests at the party and with the online donaters.  It was the best of both worlds.

Not only did I get to know more about the online participants, I also had a great perspective of everything going on in the KITCHEN PARTY.  (See what what happened here), which included capturing my now FAVE pic of Dee

When the online & in person parties ended the donations totaled $11,000.00
We'll DEFINATELY Drink to that
(thanks Diane for taking over camera duties!)

Please know that the fundraising continues over at Boobfest.ca where you can contribute to Dee's 2011 walk.

I can't begin to describe what an amazing night it was, but I hope this #TwitterFairy earned her wings!

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