Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WOW did it ever Work for Me Wednesday!

Hello Blog Pals
Thanks again for stopping by. Once again I need to give props to my pal Diane who has turned me on to the Mommy Blogging Culture! If you read my post from yesterday you'll see a tip I gave for WORKS FOR ME WED. I got a lot of comments & really appreciated them! I got to see different cities & countries listed on my Feedjit (also courtesy of Diane) & I read lots of other blogs from the link list given & got lots of ideas, but this was my MOST FAVE.
As some readers know I just got a new computer & right now since I'm in decluttering mode, I don't want to fill this hard drive with lots of bookmarks & am trying to keep track of things better as well.
This idea came from
I am definately going to start a info blog for myself. I've also started using the Windows Calendar that came with my new system. This will help me keep better track of appointments, reminders & SYS events. This is my new way to Multi-Manage. I don't Multi-task, it's hard to do too many things at once & do a good job at all of them.
Instead I Multi-Manage!!! You've heard it hear first. I have coined this phrase! (yes I googled it to make sure it wasn't used already. The only context it seems to be applied to is mutual fund mangers, but not anymore!)
I find it difficult to multi-task. Most women can cook a meal, talk on the phone & do the dishes all at the same time. This process does not work for me. I'd get caught up in an enthralling conversation, end up burning the dinner & dropping the phone into the water filled dish sink (not that this has happened, but believe me it could).
I like to Multi-Manage. This system works well for me. For those who don't know me, I'm on the go a lot. I guess that's what happens when you're eager. My top priority is my son. He is first in my life. Everything else is in 2nd place. There are no 3rd place trophies or participant ribbons in my life. Everything in 2nd place is Full On! As listed in my description above I have a full time job, a part time job, I organize a women's friendship group & last year I co-hosted a women's show (see MeFest listed on the left side of this page) & am about to embark on an event planning business with Diane. Plus I take care of a home, pet, vehicle & all the tasks that come along wtih these things. All of this takes management skills. I Manage my time, tasks, finances, my household etc. Most say I'm crazy, but I love it. If I'm not busy, then something is up!
Tomorrow I'll give you some insight into Multi-Management.
Thanks again for reading

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  1. Thanks for the linky love! I'm glad you found the idea to be helpful!

    I really like your idea of multi-managing - I'll definitely check back to read more about this. Have a wonderful day!


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