Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Frugally Fun

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This week I've been talking about my money management. Due to last summer's gas prices a lot of you opted for the "stay-cation" instead of a vacation. Although I did go on vacation last summer, it had been a few years since I went on one, so I was already a pro at the "stay-cation concept".

I live in a fair size city. There is always lots to do, but I find everyone here thinks they have to spend, spend, spend just to have fun.

Sure I splurge on a few things, but really I find lots do without having to shell out the big bucks!

I'll start with SHOPPING which is a tough one for most. Truthfully I just try to stay out of the malls. There will always be something on sale, or a really good buy that just can't be beat. When I find myself wanting a household item (especially a decor piece) I start to think where will I put it? Is it truly useful & do I really want one more thing to dust? Sometimes the answer is yes, but most often it's no. Clothing is a somewhat of a similar system. My one job I wear a uniform 5 days & the other I dress casual. I occasionally go to a lunch networking group, so I need appropriate clothes for that as well. I base my wardrobe around whether I can wear the clothes to those places. I still have some dressy stuff for nights out with friends, & some lounge around the house clothes, but only a few items for each. That way the majority of my wardrobe is worn & not just sitting in the closet.

My next item for discussion is ENTERTAINMENT. I find lots of great things to do intown. The key to finding great cheap fun things is BE EASILY AMUSED!

If you go with the idea you are "going to have a hoot!" you will.

When my son was young I'd go to all the library kid programs with him. A lot of Moms just drop there kids in the room & go, but I'd always stay behind to sing the songs & do the dances with them. Those are the things my son remembers us doing together when he was young. Nowadays library programs just don't cut it for him, so we often search a lot of pages for our City, Region, Municipality, Community Newsletters, & Newspapers for upcoming events. Most that are advertised in those community listings are free or with very little cost. I also like the assortment of outdoor festivals my area puts on. Often local tourist attractions will have specials on certain days (ie opening day if it's seasonal, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc), just make sure you check their event calendars.

Even if you don't have kids, you can often find lots of art events or book clubs if you look. You don't always have to go to the Roller Coaster park, or vacation spot to have great memories. They can happen right in your own backyard!

Lastly I'd have to say just find out what you like or would like to try & GOOGLE it. Any interest you have or are thinking about learning more about will be somewhere on the internet. You can join Forum group, get newsletters & you know it.....find blogs about it!

Want to find some more blogs?

Well check out

Let me know what you do to have some Good Cheap Fun! or are going to look into in your area.

Someone else might like it too!

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