Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good afternoon Blogging Buddies
I'm here blogging in between my 2 jobs today.
Two jobs? You might say, but for me it works in a BIG way!
As you can tell from my previous posts I enjoy being busy. A lot of people are very glad to work 9-5 everyday, but I have a bit more variety in my schedule. I know a lot of women love to accomplish all of their household tasks when their kids are in school, but that`s not me. Basically when my son isn`t home, I`m bored. I know I should fold laundry or organize cupboards or do something else domestic like, but the truth is I HATE THAT STUFF! I would rather turn on some tunes & dance around, or read a magazine or go out. Yes I will never be Joan Cleaver, but that`s the way I like it. Don`t get me wrong. I do the basics, dishes, laundry, bathrooms, sweeping, vacuuming etc. My house is not dirty, but it is messy. Messy from toys, messy from junk mail, messy from piles of clean laundry that need to be put away. That`s the messy that I have trouble dealing with. I know where everything is. It`s just more like organized chaos for lack of a better term. When my son 1st started full days at school, I imagined have tons of time to get the house in order, but when push comes to shove I`d decide it was a good time to take a nap, because I work afternoons & evenings a lot. Eventually I came around to the decision that my house is my house. It will never be featured in Better Homes & Gardens, but I don`t know too many people who read that anyway. I knew that I could be doing something else with my time to learn some new skills, as curious & eager are big personality traits of mine. I decided that I should get a part time job. I was very determined to find something that wouldn`t conflict with my full time job & would be very flexible for me. Eventually I found it. It`s just 11 hours a week & it`s when my son is in school. I love being out of the house during the day. It makes me appreciate it more when I get home. I have new skills & get to meet a variety of new people. So yes it can be a little hectic for others, but my schedule is the same every week, so I know when I have time to do those extras.
  • Mondays, I work 9am-5pm, usually come home, do dishes, relax or go out with friends
  • Tuesdays, I work 9am:30-1:30pm, come home, do some laundry, relax, go to work from 4:00pm-11:00pm
  • Wednesdays, I work 9am-5pm. This is usually Fast Food dinner day, then we get home, work on my son`s homework, play a board game or video game & hang out
  • Thursdays, I work 9:30am-1:30pm, then I go grocery shopping, come home put it away, start dinner prep, pick up my son, come home cook dinner, help with homework, laundry, vacumming, & relax
  • Friday-my busiest day of the week, I work 9:30am-12:30pm, come home, just relax`cause then I go in & work from 4:00pm-2am,
  • Saturday, SLEEP IN!!!!, do whatever is left to be done, clean bathroom etc, relax, go to work from 3:00pm-2am
  • Sunday SLEEP IN!!!! Hang out with friends in the afternoon, make dinner, hang out with my son while we watch CLONE WARS

See I get it all in! Notice that I don`t have things like cook dinner while doing dishes, while talking on the phone etc. I do each thing in it`s time & I do MANAGE to get it all in. Applying task on top of task is not a great system for me. I work a lot, but also have time with my child & time with friends & time for me. Plus having a little extra cash helps too! My next chapter on Multi-management will talk about my money management & why I will never put myself on a strict budget.

Have a great day all!

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