Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowy but Shiny

Hello my blogalicious buddies
Here in Kitchener Ontario it's still snowing, but the sun is still shining. That is something that makes me smile. I'll take sun over overcast any day (even in the hot dog days of summer)
I have an hour before I'm off to spend the afternoon with my SYS pals, so I thought I'd tell you about them & how it works into my time management theme.
As I've stated before I work many hours, so keeping social connections is a bit difficult. In the past many of my friends just spoke on the phone with me. They were very much home bodies. Most outings involved me organizing & co-ordinating it with everyone. That was fine & I had fun doing it, but because of my "momhood" & work it was hard to organize times that worked with everyone, so friendships became more like acquaintances. Being that I was spending my Sunday afternoons watching tv & folding laundry, I knew I should be doing something much more social. I thought about joining a gym or taking a class, but wondered if you really form any friendships at those places. I also wasn't too keen on putting out all of that money & what would happen if I didn't like it? I figured I wasn't the only woman in my community feeling like this, so I put together a women's friendship group.
It's called SYS which stands for See You Sunday pronounced sis. Every Sunday we do something different. We go on tours of local businesses & attractions, have guest speakers & occasionally volunteer. Every week is something different. I organize all the events, because I love to do that. All of our activities are free or very low cost (ie if we go & make a craft it might be $5 to cover supplies etc). We get group rates for things like theatre shows, pampering etc.
We meet on Sundays at 12:45pm & are usually done around 3pm. It doesn't sound like very long, but it's enough time to learn something new & see how everyone's week has been. My favorite part about SYS? My new pals!!! I've mentioned before that my best buddy Diane from the "where do i get started" blog listed on the left side of the page, turned me into a mommy-blogger, well I met her through SYS. I am very thankful to have her in my life & know if we have a busy week, we'll still get to chat on Sunday. Sunday is my scheduled fun/social day. You need that or all you'll have to talk about is work/kids or whatever you just saw on YouTube.
So when you're done reading this, think about a friend you haven't saw in a while, facebook her & re-connect! Who know next Sunday you might be hanging out with her!
Have a shiny day!

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