Sunday, January 11, 2009

Give respect, get respect

Hi everyone

Welcome to day 2 of my "mini-series" blog about Multi-Managing! Like I said I learned a lot about the world by learning people skills early on. I've always been very social. Infact looking back at all my grade school report cards that my mother kept, they all say "Lisa would do much better in class if she could cut down on the chatter" or "Lisa loves to socialize with others at school, perhaps she could save it for more appropriate times like recess".

When hitting Highschool I came upon my first job. A job I might add that I still have (yes unbelievable, but true). Our main goal is to keep customers happy. I'd take note of the very picky/grumpy people. They'd always complain, but they'd always come back. Why? Because no matter what they complained about I was always kind & never got defensive. I'd do my best to make them happy & always have a kind word before they left. Soon they'd ask to only be served by me because I was the only one that did it right. Truthfully we all did it the same, but I took the time to be polite & take interest in what they were saying. Soon they were no longer complaining & would come in happy & cheery to see me. My trick is to "Kill them with kindness" I'm sure you've heard this statement before, but you need to be genuine. If someone brings you a problem, don't deny it or make excuses. The best thing to do is apologize & see what you can do to improve the situation. In the end you both win. Being that I have been with the same company so long, I'm sure you have guessed I have some seniority. I do to an extent. I have staff under me, but strive to never make them feel like I'm above them. My view is "we're all in this together" & it makes for a harmonious working enviroment. We have lots of fun, great attitudes & revell in our ability to joke around with one another. I love it that way. No one wants to get ordered around, or made to feel they are less than adequate at their job. If I see a problem I try to fix it along with others. I don't have a MY WAY or THE HIGHWAY attitude. No one respects that. If you want to get respect, you need to give respect. It's that simple. How does that fall into multi-managing, well work is a big part of my life & for many others I'm sure. Even if you are not in a managment position, just try being a little more respectful at work. Listen to what others are saying. Remember things people tell you & be sure to ask about them the next time you see them (IE if someone is going to visit relatives, ask them how their visit was, or if they were going to see a movie/show ask how they liked it). Everyone wants to know that they have been heard & it makes a real difference. This attitude works in your household as well. See what others like/dislike. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Listen to what they have to say & be interested. Give them respect. See how much easier life is when you have open communication in a friendly atmosphere. You'll soon see a difference in the attitudes of those around you. When you start off with a happy attitude you will see the beginning of Multi-Management.
I hope this post was informative to you & you'll join in tomorrow when I blog about Time Management.
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