Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentines that Kids DO Want

Welcome February!

I know many of you enjoyed my idea a couple of weeks ago about Party Favours for kids (scroll down to read). I hope you like this one as well. Valentines day was always a fun day at school. You decorated a brown paper bag & it got filled with paper cards. If you are "horder" which I am a former one, you still have those bags from your kids previous school years (or perhaps even the ones from your childhood are stashed away somewhere). I know nowadays people are putting treats with the cards (which I too am guilty of), but this year will be different!

Just print out these valentines

They are valentines with coupons for 5 free tokens!!!!!!!!!

(It does say food purchase required, but I know someone who bought a drink & was able to use the coupons)

They are only good until March 3rd

I'm in Canada & most of my Chuck E Cheese coupons say Canada only, but these don't!

Only at participating locations (which I've never heard of them turning them down anywhere)

Best part to all of this....


(unless you count your printer ink & a few sheets of printer paper)

Won't your kids feel like ROCK STARS handing out Chuck E Cheese freebies!?!

I thought so!

I hope this was helpful. If you like please leave a comment & come back to visit again

Thanks for reading!


ps I almost forgot, if you would like to see more helpful hints to go

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