Monday, February 9, 2009

How do you connect?

With all the things we do, kids, work, house, driving to from hockey games & practices it gets difficult to stay in contact with friends. Still I think this is something worth fitting in. What do you do stay in the loop with your buddies? As you may have read in my other posts, I organize a women's friendship group that meets on Sundays. I also stay connected by telephone, but because I work a lot of strange hours FACEBOOK is how I see what everyone is up to. Many find it an annoying tool, but for me I connect & re-connect with others. Facebook also is great to learn new things (which I am always into doing). You can join a group on basically any subject. Sometimes you'll get some new online pals from it. Just like blogging you can learn about others all over the world. To me that is just awesome! Want to add me as a friend? (just put in the message that you read my blog). I also have joined a local forum called
I haven't met any of the "forum posters" as of yet (other than the pals that I have past it on to), but I'm sure I will. The site is just a few months old & members are joining daily. It's wonderful to get the perspective from another's point of view. We talk about "Mommy Issues", but that's not all. We share info. I love info sharing. It's great to know where the local sales are, who's got a great dinner recipe, who's watching what shows etc.
I suggest you try searching for a local forum in your area & get connected!
If you're around KW register for the forum & let them know that Lisa sent you!
Chow for now

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