Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Look for me

Hi Everyone!
What 2 posts in one day? Weird I know, but I'm excited!
I usually shun away from having my photo taken, put I just had to post the new profile pic of me.
The last one is about 3 years old, so I figured I should post this since I got to go onstage & get my hair done FOR FREE!!!
Yes FREE! My moto is everything I need comes to me for FREE.
Now of course I don't mean things like a house, cars, etc.
I just mean the fun stuff. I love having fun with my gal pals & when it's free, that makes it twice as fun.
Make a moto yourself & just put it out there. You'll be surprized how quickly it will become the truth.
Not convinced yet....well this isn't the 1st time I've had my hair done onstage.
Infact it's my 3rd !!! Yes 3rd.
Three different shows & 3 different hairdressers (not to mention any other Freebies that have come my way).
What I want to know is ....
What is your moto????

Thanks for reading on this Sunny Sunday

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