Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Sunniest Blog Around!

Welcome everyone to this Sunny Sunday!

First off I'm letting all the bloggers out there know about a new contest

Although this blog is just a few months old, I have really got into the culture of "Mommy Blogging". I love how I don't have to follow a structure. The fact that I can write at any time of the day, on any topic I wish appeals to me greatly. I also love the sense of community it provides. You can find so many others with the same experiences but with a different take on the situation. I love reading other blogs for the inspiration it gives me to try new things & the tips, tricks & advice they give. My blog is all about the positive way I live my life. I may not be in the same situation as one of my readers, but hopefully they leave my page with a smile & new idea.
Even with the hustle & bustle, I still find time to read & write blogs. It's great how I can recommend things (such as this contest), post links for others to see & post pictures to go along with subjects. I do read comments on how my blog may have helped my readers & any recommendations my readers have for me.
A great widget I have on my blog is my FEEDJIT (left side of my page). This lets me know what country my reader is from & how they stumbled on to my page. It's a great feeling to know that others around the world came to visit my blog! How inspiring is that?
This is just my take on blogging. I'd love to know what you think of blogging, so take a second a comment.
Thanks again for stopping by!
PS Open up those curtains & LET THE SUNSHINE IN!

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