Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cambridge Towel Canadian Made

Made In Canada 

Last week we learned there is more to a towel than meets the eye.  Cambridge Towel is the last TRUE manufacturer in North America.

We spoke to Jason of Cambridge Towel last week and learned a lot about what makes a Cambridge Towel so great!

  • All of their dyes are safe
  • They create the whole towel from start to the packaging finish
  • They use only high quality materials to create their towels
But don't take my word for it.  We went to visit Jason at the Cambridge Towel Tent Sale and he told us all about it!

Look out Vanna White!  Diane's stepping in!

For more info on the great things happening with Cambridge Towel make sure to Like them on Facebook
and follow them on Twitter
With Canada Day quickly approaching, what better way to celebrate than buying CANADIAN?


  1. Love it made me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont think I should give up my day job !!!!!!!!!!

  2. This was great! Happy to see events go so well in Cambridge! And Diane was spectacular! You girls rock!

  3. Thanks so much Diane and Lisa it was such a great event for us!!


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