Sunday, June 19, 2011

Donating Daily

Cure for Clothes Clutter

My house is so cluttered with clothing.  I have an 11 turning 12 year old & at that age they grow like weeds.  I also am guilty of of clothes clutter myself.  With the strange weather we've had for the month of June I've worn t-shirts, sweaters, shorts and jeans over the last few weeks.  It's wreaking havoc on my laundry baskets, and overflowing my washing machine.

Ceasing this Opportunity

So while I see mountains of clothing that need to be folded and put away, I am making a pact to rid myself of items I no longer need.  I live 5 mins away from a Salvation Army and I work 5 mins away from a Value Village so I am going to donate daily. 

Everyday until I feel the task is completed I am going to pack up 1 garbage bag of clothes to donate.  Instead of undertaking a MASS CLEAROUT which I never seem to get around to doing, I'm going to break it down to an achievable task.

On the days I don't do it (because I tend to run, run, run) I will force myself to double up the next day, because really 2 bags is not a lot either.

Readily Rewarded

For my 1st day I rewarded myself with Swiss Chalet for dinner (being that it's in the same plaza as the Salvation Army it was just meant to be).  I won't reward myself everyday, but getting started requires some motivation.

So pals I'm asking you to keep me accountable.  I'm going to check in everyday on this post and will let you know if I completed my daily task.

How do you tackle an overwhelming task?

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