Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Open Letter To The New Owner Of My GPS

A Recap of My Wednesday Morning

Dear New Owner/Thief, or Person Who Bought/Traded for my GPS from said Thief,

I hope you are navigating around much easier since your new found TomTom has arrived in your possession.  I thought you might want to know the History it's had since in case you need to ever know where its travelled to & how much great it was to be it's previous owner.  This way you'll come to appreciate it as more than the "piece of HOT merch" you now have.

Our story begins several months ago when I purchased "her".  Yes it's a she.  If you plug it in, you'll hear the female voice that it's set to.  I believe her name was Isabella by voice call.  I should have gotten to know her better, but I guess I took for granted that we'd be driving buddies for years to come.

Back on track... she came into my life as I rescued her from a cage in Canadian Tire and brought her home for Christmas.  She and I have had our battles.  I have ignored her even though she has tried to make me see it her way, and make me turn around, but she eventually takes my stubbornness into account and re-evaluates the situation.  She is also a confidence builder.  I have never driven anywhere Hamilton way because I am always confused in the QEW area, but because of her earlier this month I made the trip to Burlington and was planning a trip to Niagara next month.  She'll also make you giggle.  She describes Roundabout as a Rotaray & she pronounces Weber St. as We-ay-bar St.

I was also looking forward to giving her a full make-over next month.  You see she was about to become a he.  For surprise for my son's birthday I was about to change her over to become Darth Vader, but I'm sure you will decide what is best for her now. As her new owner and I'm sure you will cherish her as much as I did, being that you wanted her so badly that you couldn't wait to go to Canadian Tire and adopt one of your own.

So here are my thank-yous I must extend.  I DO THANK-YOU FOR NOT DAMAGING MY CAR.  It's been through enough this year, so I do thank-you for not breaking any windows & being kind enough to let me know she was gone by leaving my glove box & arm console open for me to realize she had been relocated.  Also I thank-you for being professional enough to know how to do this without setting off my alarm and not causing me to freak-out during the process of her being removed from my premises.

I also thank-you for giving her a place in history.  She now has a police report number.  I knew that they would not go looking for her, but felt she needed to be recognized.  The officer was really nice to speak to this morning & said she will most like be bartered for, perhaps for something prescriptive, that's what he must have meant when he said Drugs.  He also asked me if I'll be claiming it through my insurance, but I said no as my deductible would be more than the cost to buy a brand new one.  This leads me to my next thank-you.

Thanks for giving me something to look forward to for Christmas 2011.  My son is in the process of getting braces and I'm hoping to make a trek to Great Wolf Lodge this year as we haven't gone away to an overnight vacation since 2008, so I won't be replacing her anytime soon.  Now I don't have to worry about what I will get myself this year. 

But I really want to thank-you for challenging me.  I always try to look for the good in every situation.  This one was tough, but when my supportive friends on facebook and twitter immediately sent me messages to make me feel better, that is the silver lining that I am going with.  No one was hurt, everyone is healthy and this situation will be just a hiccup in the grand scheme of things.


  1. I can sympathize, our Tom Tom got yoinked last year.

  2. This is fantastic, Lisa. I love how you deal with things.

  3. So fantastic Lisa! You are amazing!

  4. Lisa, this is great! I gotta admit, kinda feel guilty enjoying the story of how your friend, Isabella has been taken away. Great writing and I hope your thief has karma come back and kick him/her in the ass!

  5. Super.... and I am sure she was traded for prescription medication :) ... Karma will see you get another one.

  6. I bet you're smiling now !!!!!!!

  7. My car was broken into a couple months ago. They took my iPhone charger from the glovebox but left my GPS on the dash. They also threw my CDs around. I guess they don't like audiobooks. The only thing they took of value was a $10 business card holder that my kids bought me and had engraved. It had no value to anyone but me. Well, I guess one other person now.
    These are the punches we must roll with. Of that, you are doing a commendable job. Keep smiling Lisa. Karma's a bitch so you don't have to be.

  8. I DO ENJOY IT! ITS AMAZING! I sold it for a pack of smokes shit wouldn't blow me anyways.


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