Monday, June 6, 2011

Life Changing Moment

Do you ever have one of those moments that you know will change your life forever?  I've been fortunate to have had a few of them.  It happened again tonight.  The moment lasted 4 hours.  It included
  • a dinner
  • a dessert bar
  • an Educational Assistant/BFF & friend of all things Tiara 
  • a Social Media Strategist/Travel Specialist/Connector & someone I truly admire
  • a Mortgage broker in transition to a new online identity. Who lives far away but just close enough
  • a Mediator with a knack for always taking it all in & knowing all the right things to say
  • a Real Estate Agent with a big heart. Who is always ready to do what he can to help
  • an Apple Specialist that applies his knowledge to help people on the other side of the globe
  • a Software professional that taught us all to Think Big & Then Think BIGGER
  • Brantford Royalty, who always make me feel like I belong & included & appreciated
  • A Social Media professional who loves travel books & easily fits in with our crew from all walks of life
  • A Rock Star who believes in our goal & willing to give his name & reputation to what we will accomplish
Tonight we went from the "small potates #140confSWO" to the "Larger Than Life #140confONT"

Tonight we were taken seriously by 140 Characters Conference creator Jeff Pulver. 

Tonight we listened to the stories of events past, and felt like we there.  Four hours passed quicker than five minutes tonight.  I could have stayed and listened for hours and hours more.  Jeff shared what his conference started out as, and what it has become. 
There was something in the air tonight.  I think all of there felt it.  It was a sense of pride.  We are doing this here, in Kitchener, in Waterloo Region, in Southwestern Ontario, for all Ontario and are the first in Canada.

The 140 Conference is coming to Canada.  Sept 15, 2011

We have Jeff's blessing and will take pride in becoming the first team to bring it North of the USA border.

This night will be remembered as a moment in time.  A time where someone who didn't already know me and my group of extrodinary friends and gave us a gift of trust.


  1. Lisa, you are an amazing person, filled with such incredible passion and love of life. It's a joy AND an honor to serve with you, bringing the 140 Conference to Canada. Thank YOU for helping make this happen.

    The bar has been raised and our team is ready to go!

  2. ahhhhhh - here's to the Midas touch! Way to go

  3. Lisa, you're wonderful. I'm happy to be on your team!

  4. Awesome! Or should I say epic? ;)

    Sad I'm not planning this amazing event with you guys.


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