Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where Do I Find The Words?

I Can Do This

This post will be all over the place, thought wise.  Just a warning. Normally I tag a gazillion things but not for this post. If spelling and grammar are important to you, please just shut your eyes as I dump my brain all over this post.

Amazing things happened tonight, to me.  I saw a hug.  Not one where someone gives you a squeeze and says see ya soon.  This was different.  I felt the warmth of a community wrap there arms around me, and it moved me to tears.

What happened is really kind of blur to me.  There were so many things happening after that, I must have had some sort of emotions pushing me through to carry on for the remainder of the night.

Afterwards I went out with a small crowd for a post event snack.  There I got to sit with Stephanie who asked me all about the events that had me so overwhelmed.  I explained how my day started with the realization that someone broke into my car and stole my GPS, & how I sent it out to the tweeps & facebook pals about what happened & their  received thoughtful messages which was so nice to hear. From there how after taking my son to school I cried on my way to work because I didn't want to end up being over emotional when I arrived, and figured that was the best way to let it out.  Well that didn't help. I found myself on the brink of tears for the 1st hour of my work day.  Being that I work with all guys I knew I had to come up with a new plan of attack.  I decided to change my outlook about it and try to add humour and see the good that can be found in what had happened.  During my break I wrote a letter to the new owner of my GPS. So many people said that my post made them laugh.  That was what I needed to hear.  I could now face people I knew with a smile and a giggle.  Flash forward, I arrive at the Gibsons event I'm speaking with a group of my friends and then they asked to come & see Annie.  I figure we're getting picture before the event starts.  Then Jacki (who you may also know as the Snicker Fairy) comes in from behind & says that she has something for me, from everyone because of my rough day.  Okay what a nice gesture I'm thinking, a little pick me up.  I was wrong when I thought a little pick me up.  How about a LIFT MY SPIRITS TO THE CEILING & BEYOND!!!!  Here in this gift bag is a GPS for me.  I tried to shove it back at Jacki because I was in TOTAL SHOCK.  When I realized that she was telling me how many people were involved I broke down into tears for the 2nd time today.  These tears were different.  Happy tears.  Now remember I just met Stephanie face to face for the 1st time tonight.  She learned a whole lot about me in just a few minutes BUT I told her the whole story with out any tears.  So I figure okay I'm good.  I can go home and thank all that were involved without needing tissues.
Then I saw this.....

I take back what I said about not needing tissues, and I hope red puffy eyes are a good look for me, because I think that's the look I'm sporting for tomorrow.  So how do you say Thank-you when this happens?  I thanked people that I saw, but what about the others that weren't there?  People that have met me a handful of times but I talk to everyday?  When Jacki gets me a proper list and I get my head on straight, then I'll do it right.  No more rambling, no more tears, just .... I don't know what that "just" is right now, but when I figure that out it will mean something!


  1. It's called karma. Plain, simple karma. Project Replace-Lisa's-GPS was in motion even before you wrote your open letter. We just knew we had to do something. Others were in the process, too. We banded together and got things done.

    I'm honoured to have been on the receiving end of the happy tears hug. Truly. But I was just the messenger. So many people love you and want to give back to you. This was just a small token of what you put out every day.

  2. That's amazing! What AWESOME friends!!!

  3. Big huge squishy hugs to you Lisa. Just wish I could've given the hug to you in person. Next time I see you!


  4. Kisses! I hope the new GPS steers you well. You deserve only good things :-)


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