Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gratitude Challenge Day 5

Back at it for my blog reading buddies

Today I'm to make a list of all my blessings
I'm very afraid of the space this will require, because I am VERY thankful for things that others might find mundane.
I'm also writing this at 3am after working all day, so I hope I remember to cover everything. I decided to write the first 20 things that came to mind.
What does your 20 look like?
  1. My son-you knew that would be #1
  2. My best friend Diane, we're a duo what can in say?
  3. SYS pals (there's a post somewhere on here about SYS)
  4. MeFest (that's everywhere on here)
  5. Family
  6. Great health
  7. Our home
  8. Our dog
  9. My jobs
  10. My happiness, even if it drives others crazy
  11. My computer
  12. My vehicle
  13. Camera
  14. Social Media (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Forums) I love connecting
  15. Ability to buy food/pay bills
  16. Having fun
  17. Freckles (took over 30 yrs, but I finally like them)
  18. Vacationing (especially at Disney)
  19. Great deal I find
  20. Ideas that I have (even the wacky ones)

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