Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Five for Girl Talk Thursday

So over at Girl Talk Thursday

We are choosing our TOP 5

Here's mine

#1 Tom Welling

I know he's young, but hey he's SUPERMAN!

#2 Ewan McGregor

Can sing, act & wield a LightSaber (in Star Wars)
He's the whole package!

#3 Viggo Mortesen

But really only in this movie, rugged good looks + accent= mmmm

#4 Johnny Depp

I think this is a pic that covers it all, from his 21 Jump Street all the way through to Jack Sparrow

#5 George Clooney

As Danny Ocean. He's the only fella with Grey Hair that I think is UBER SEXY

I'd also like to add that honourable mention goes to
Orlando Bloom, Eric Lindros, & Gerard Butler


  1. How could I have forgotten about Viggo Mortensen?!? I think I may need to revise my list...

  2. Finally someone at least MENTIONS Gerard Butler. I've been waiting on that one all day. :)

  3. George Clooney should be on my list. Damn it. LOL

  4. Viggo DOES look really hot in LotR. rawr!

  5. Glad you like my pics ladies!
    Thanks for commenting


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