Saturday, July 25, 2009

What more rain? Not on my Sunny Blog!

Welcome back bloggybuds!
I've been on a bit of a hiatus from my blog as I have been quite busy with the 3rd MeFest coming up.
This also took away from the Clear It! & Clean It! Challenge on my end, but NOT ANY MORE!
Today I took the bull by the horns (& by bull I mean medicine cabinet) by the horns!
I pitched so much expired stuff it's amazing it hadn't ate through the packaging.
After taking it all out, wiping it down, pitching tons & reorganinzing so it makes sense, the medicine cabinet is now a happy SUNNY camper.
Now to the 2nd daunting task LAUNDRY-I don't mind sorting, washing & drying, but it's the folding that gets me all the time.
I tried a trick today. I always find I can start folding a load, but when I get half way it's just too repetitive for me.
My new IDEA! Instead of full loads I did half size loads. I know it may sound ridiculous to some, but truly it was less time consuming for me.
I set my washer on Mid Size load (usually on oversized). Each after each load it went straight in the dryer. Usually my next load of wash is done before the 1st load in done in the dryer. Not today. The smaller loads dried quick, so there was an easy switchover. When I sat down & folded I was done in under 5 mins.

Now the question is... who's going to help me put all this away?

Got some great cleaning tips? Need to get some tips?
Head on over the the Clear It! & Clean It! challenge hosted by Those2Girls
Start with the June posts & work you way up to today.

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