Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good thing I have a Sunny Outlook

I really want to take my son to Bingemans this week, & I know there are usually discounts at the Ticket Ops through Shoppers Drug Mart.
I called Bingemans to see how much tickets were & they said $22.95.
I went to Ticket Ops & with their SO CALLED discount they are $22.55 (plus tax for both). It says that when you buy the Ticket Ops ticket you save $1.55

I emailed to let them know that they have the price wrong & you aren't saving $1.55 at all (plus they have a service charge)

Take a look of my emailling (their answers are in the italics)
Do you realize that your prices for Bingemans water park passes are not a discount?

You can receive a discount price for Bingaman’s Water Park when purchasing online, if you have a promotional or group code from your place of employment.

I mean the passes you get through Shoppers. They are the same price as the waterpark day passes you buy on site (& no service fee)

Normally when you purchase tickets for different venues through Shoppers Drug Mart online or at the store you will receive an additional savings than purchasing the tickets directly at the park. If you want to know the price of the tickets when purchasing them directly at Bingaman’s Water Park, please contact their customer service department. They can be kindly reached at: (519) 744-1555

Yes I did that.
I'm letting you know that their regular gate price is the same as your discounted price (the regular price you have listed is wrong).

I’m sorry but we are TicketOps the ticketing agent and not the actual venue. If there is a pricing difference on their website you will have to take it up with Bingaman’s Water Park’s customer service.
I apologize for the inconvenience.

I don't think you are understanding.
Your price listed for Bingemans is $24.10 & then with the TICKET OPS discount it becomes $22.55 (plus service charge)
For the Big Splash adult through you.

But if you just go to Bingemans the price for a Big Splash adult is $22.95

how do you save buy choosing Ticket Ops?
It says you save $1.55 by choosing Ticket Ops when you truly don't.

I think you are misunderstanding. For the Big Splash through ticket-Ops the regular price is $24.10, now $22.55 (before taxes) with a savings of $1.55. If you purchase one ticket it will total $24.04 (after taxes). Whereas if you purchased one ticket directly through Bingamans, it would be $22.95 (before taxes) and $24.10 (after taxes).

Therefore the difference would be .06 cents and would increase with more purchases.
Ticket-Ops Big Splash Adult $24.04
Bingemans Big Spash Adult $24.10

Difference $0.06

Please go to the purchase page if you wish to purchase tickets, under ticket-Ops the first email address you provided.

Does this not sound like False advertising?
You're supposed to save $1.55 per pass, but you're only saving 6 cents per pass (plus you'll end up with a service charge on top of it)

Why would you buy it from them?

Does anyone else understand? Or is there something I'm missing?
As you all know I don't get mad, I get ONLINE!
Here's to keeping Sunny!

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