Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lookie what I found

Tip drop is new service that works like twitter.
Once you are registered (free & easy to do, you get to post tips. You can start a tip sheet yourself or you can add tips to tip sheets written by others.

The more you post, the more credibility you have.

You can also Follow other Tip Droppers (just like twitter) & vote for their tips.

It doesn't have to be specialized. Tips on anything you can add information to.

After you are registered you go to the My page link (near the top under the title in blue). Then under your name pick the Tip Sheets link. Next you'll pick a category that your tip falls under. Then you'll ask a question regarding your tip & in the box underneath you will put the answer & submit it.

You can see what others are giving tips for by hitting the Home link on the page & then scrolling close to the bottom where the newest tips are posted, or choose from the list on the right side of the home page.

It can help you with questions you have, or if you have a tip to add go ahead & add it!

For example my 1st tip sheet was How to get your new business out there & my answer was to find out about local trade shows (ofcourse!)


I also added tips about educational kids video games & taking great photos of kids (neither were questions of mine).

So go ahead & give it a try

You'll be glad you did.
Thanks again for stopping by & I hope this adds a little Sunshine to your day!

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