Saturday, July 4, 2009

Get the condiments out of your shower/bath area

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It's catch up day for me!
Thankfully if you get behind in our Clear It & Clean It challenge over at
it's easy to catch up. We all have so many things on the go (just read older posts I have on here with all the stuff I have going on)
so Diane is breaking it down into tiny things, which together equal BIG accomplishments.

Yesterday I did my tub area, now most people have an assortment of shampoos, conditioners, body wash etc all over their tub. Not only does this make it cluttered, the water from the shower gets "gungy" under those bottles.
It ends up looking like a messy condiment display at a hot dog stand.
If you're in the need of a solution, here's what works best for me.
My SHOWER DISPENSER. I got it at Zellers years ago & it still works great! Mine has 4 holders (some have more). Mine openes up & you can refill each one individually. I'm not sure if all dispensers are the same.
The only things I keep in my shower surround are my son's Bubble Bath & his vapour bath (for when he has a cold), our body wash "puffs" my foot scrubber/stone (it's sandal weather finally!) & my Schick Intuition razor.
Here's a link to the Schick contest & I've read online that there are instore coupons at Wal-Mart & Zellers

After everything was refilled, I cleaned it all with the PC scrubbing paste that I listed in an earlier post. Look back up at the pics. My tub surround is so shiny that you can see my bathroom window in the reflection-Now there's the AHHHHHH feeeling that Diane mentions.

Want to join in? Just go to
& scroll down to our 1st Clear It! & Clean It! post-then work your way up.

Let us know how you're doing. We can all use the encouragement!
Enjoy this SUNNY day!

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