Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pamper & Purge!

Good Day Blog-Buds!
Today is my FUN DAY with my gal pals for the afternoon!
I told myself I need my only FULL day off to always be fun.
The problem is I'm still playing catch up with the Clear It & Clean It challenge over at
You see I work weekends too, so I need to make time for sleeping, doing dishes etc.

I knew I needed to start the declutter part (what I am worst at), so I thought I'd make it fun.

(I also includede 2 frugal tips in this post)
I read in a book about how to give your hair a great conditioning treatment, & to keep it on as long as you can. So I turned my purging into pampering! I put the conditioning treatment on my hair & went to work on 2 drawers in my bathroom.

Frugal tip #1
My drawers are really odd sizes & I can find dividers that work, so I made my own years ago (read it in a book as well, I'm not that clever). It said to cut off the bottoms of cereal boxes, milk cartons (washed obiviously) & yogurt cups (again washed). I used the box option with a cereal box & a CLUB PACK size box of instant rice. This one I came up with on my own... I also used empty baby wipe containers. This system has stood the test of time, since I haven't purchased baby wipes in years!.

I used my main drawer to organize makeup, pony tail holders (I use daily for work), manicure items & hair accessories.
I purged this drawer & got rid of lots of old makeup & made a donation bag for samples I just won't use. I'll give it to a friend of mine who works at a school for young mothers trying to finish their education. If you don't have something like that in your area, I'm sure the local women's shelter or food bank can distribute them to those in need.

For my other drawer I use it for travel size items, that I can quickly pack up without routing through cupboards for.

Then I hopped in the shower, washed my hair (unfortunately 3 times). After I got out of the shower & towelled off, I used that towel to quickly wipe down all the water so no water bead marks are left (the towel is going in the wash anyway).

Frugal Tip #2
Hair treatment
It said to warm some water in a dish then put another dish in it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Once the oil is warm rub it all over your hair (dry hair), wrap it up in a plastic bag (I used a Neilson's Milk bag, good size, twisted up the end & tucked it under the front of the bag). It said leave on as long as possibe so then I did my purging. It said your hair will need to be shampooed twice to get it all out (it took 3 times for my shoulder lenghth hair) & no conditioner is required. After I had it all out of my hair it was a tangled mess, but after getting all the tangles out, it feels okay. I don't know if it's any better than using a regular conditioner, but will see if my hair stay shiny as the day goes on.

Tomorrow is my garbage day so I hope to finish my bathroom cupboards tonight.

Now off to Celebrate with Gelata & my SYS Pals

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