Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ten Things To Do With Reusable Bags

Because I attend a lot of events, I get a lot of bags.  Back in the day (& by that I mean less than 5 years ago) everything (swag) came in plastic bags.  It was easy enough for me to repurpose them as can liners for my garbage cans.  Now that many businesses have switched over to reusable bags, I have way too many for my household needs.  I know there's lots of crafty things to do with these bags, but really I just want the excess to be useful or out of my house.  I will keep going to events, so I will keep collecting them. To manage this fabric bag cycle, here are some ways I repurpose my reuseable bags.

  1. I give gifts in my bags.  Not ones that have hand groceries in them, but more like flyers, coupons & stuff.  They are clean & they go to a new home without me spending $ on wrapping paper or paper gift bags.
  2. Lunch bags.  Many people have large containers that don't fit well in a lot of the lunch bags. Put your lunch in, add a freezer pack, tie it up & it's that simple.
  3. Extra carry-alls. If you have a desk at your workplace keep a couple in there.  You never know when you or a co-worker could use one.
  4. Magazine holders.  If you have any with a wide bottom you can use it as a magazine rack of sorts
  5. Gym Bags. Not that I go to the gym, but if I did I would just throw everything into a cloth bag that way when I would wash my sweaty yoga pants, I can wash the reusable bag too.  Believe me I know what hockey bags smell like, I'm guessing gym bags would get the same way.
  6. Food Bank donation collection.  If I see something on sale like Pasta sauce for $1 I'll stock up, not only for myself but for the local food bank.  When I get home I put the extras in a cloth bag that I've designated for food bank items.  When I go to the next event that's collecting food bank items, I just grab the tote bag donate the whole thing.
  7. Travel bags for your souvenirs.  I put extra rolled up shopping bags in my suitcase and use them to pack up souvenirs that I've bought.  Nothing is worse than realizing you have to stuff more items into your already full suitcase.
  8. Seasonal decor.  I put things like wreaths, window clings, noisemakers, basically anything that isn't breakable in reusable bags & pack them away with the holiday decorations
  9. Car organizers. I have bag that I keep my jumper cables in so they don't sprawl all over the trunk. 
  10. Pay the reuseable bags forward.  When I still have too many I take a few extras with me shopping. If I hear a cashier say "Do you need to buy bags?" and the customer replies that they do need to purchase some, I offer my extras.
Do you have extra reuseable bags that are in your way?  What things have you done to give them a purpose?

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