Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Movember Challenge - Movember 2012

Finding Some Movember MOjo

It's that time of year again!  Movember 2012 has arrived and I am once again participating in the fun.  Every year I try to up the ante in how I participate.  I guess you could call it finding my Movember MOjo

 (see how you can find yours too at the bottom of this post!)

If you are not quite sure what Movember is exactly you can learn more info on  If you decide to sign up I hope you will join the STACHE TO THE FUTURE team.  You can find the link on my MO SPACE near the right side of the page.

I am proud to say that this year I am involved in organizing two Movember events.  The first one happens Movember 10th (which is really November 10th for those not familiar with the Movember terminology).  It will be a Movember Kids KW Day as a partnership with STUFF TO DO WITH YOUR KIDS IN KITCHENER WATERLOO and THE KITCHENER MARKET

The second being a Movember Networking Event happening at THE SIGN DEPOT in Kitchener Ontario on Movember 22nd (November 22) also know as #SignDepMO

My Movember started on my first day back to work after my vacation.  That evening I attended the KW Movember Kick Off Party. Being part of the KW Movember committee I was given the task to sell tickets to the Movember Ball happening at the end of the month.  I was able to sell 10 MoBall tickets in about 2 hours.  It was a bit of a challenge as I was dipping into the cash people had allotted to beer and poutine.

Movember Can Be Challenging

While selling the MoBall tickes I was able to meet and chat with a lot of great people.  Everyone there had at least one thing in common, they were participating in Movember.  For some it was something they had done for a few years, but for many it was a new challenge they were taking on this year.  During my first year the challenge was to get KW on the Movember Map!  A challenge our team was quite successful at and KW became an official Movember city the following year.  My second Movember year was to make as many in KW aware of all the great ways to participate in Movember, whether it be by encouraging people to sign up or by letting them know about the great Movember Events taking place. Today I decided that for year three I am going to do my best to challenge myself everyday for the rest of Movember 2012.

Want to Join Me? 

I posted the first challenge on my Facebook.  Want to join and be part of the daily challenges? Don't worry everything will be in the spirit of fun!  Take a second and sign up below. Then check this blog daily for the next challenge.

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