Saturday, August 25, 2012

Use Your Camera On Your Smartphone Phone and Find Your Stuff

Keep Track Of It All

I came across this video from iVillage

This is a great idea and here are some other great ways to use your camera/smartphone to help you find your stuff

  1. Take a picture of the items that kids toys that need to go in specific bins and tape a picture of it on the side.  Even children that have not learned to read yet can recognize where there stuff belongs (IE crayons, books, lego)
  2. Take a picture of your parking space (I got this idea from @1ofthose2girls).  I've done this on several locations.  Just take a pic of your parking space number and level number.  You can delete it when you're back at your vehicle
  3. Stack up library books as soon as you get them home and take a pic of the spines.  That way when it is time to return them, you can be sure you have not forgotten any
  4. Calendars can get so cluttered with so many things and sometimes errors are made when jotting down the info. Often activity/school calendars are sent home.  Take a pic of each calendar so you can be certain you have the right times/dates etc.
  5. Find your favorite recipes.  Instead of combing through a ton of your recipe books to find that one dessert you made for last year's BBQ, take a pic of the recipe.  If it's too big then take a picture of the book and what page it can be found on.
Have any other tips for using pictures to help you get organized? Lets hear them! Leave a comment and share the knowledge!

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