Monday, November 5, 2012

My Movember Challenge - Klout It Up!

Making the MOst of Your Klout

The challenge today is to give some +Ks on Klout to people who are participating in Movember.  It's free to do and if you tweet out you're +K's I am sure you will receive some thank-yous from those who are the +K recipients.

Not sure how to give a +K to someone?  Here are the Steps to make the MOst of your Klout.

  1. Login into your KLOUT page
  2. In the left column under your profile pic it will list YOUR INFLUENCERS click the "see more" by that and a new page will show up with a list of your KLOUT pals and their topics.
  3. Beside the people on the list will be topics that they are influential in. Just click on of the topics to give them +Ks
  4. A box will pop up asking if you to tweet/share your +K. Pick one (twitter works best with Klout messaging).
  5. A message will pop up that will inform the Klout receipient of your +K props! Just hit tweet/share and voila you have just sent some KLOUT their way!
Don't have any Klout pals participating in Movember? Here's a list of some Movember peeps.  Did I miss you? Let me know by leaving a comment below with your Klout page.

Then add your name to the LINKY at the bottom of this post

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