Friday, July 15, 2011

There's Better Ways To Build Buzz

I just arrived home from work when I saw a tweet that mentioned this article

What sense does it make to write something like that?

Let's just say there's A LOT of baloney in there.

1st off 9-5 at RIM & the City of Waterloo is untrue.
Where did he get the info that no one works past 5pm at RIM (or anywhere else in KW for that matter?)

Move to Toronto? Really? I like Toronto (so I won't write a bash Toronto rebuttle like he's hoping), but how would that make such a difference? We're 45 mins from Toronto.  Not even kidding!

Let's talk headquarters.  Bet he doesn't know that Home Hardware has it's headquarters in St. Jacob's (10 mins outside of Waterloo).  They seem to be doing just fine being based out of town even smaller than Kitchener Waterloo. Wonder if he'll pick on them next.  Oh wait he's a web writer not a business profiler.

A web writer with 500 followers on twitter.
Does that tell you something?

I won't comment on his blog & I won't follow him.  That's what he's looking for.  He could have found something positive to say, or found a picture that didn't show snow in a July column -who does that? Yeah a WHOLE lot of effort went into that article.  There's other ways to create a buzz.  Try helping out somewhere.  I could make a BIG list of all the great things that happen here, but I don't have to.  You just have to follow any person from KW on twitter to see all the great things going on.

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