Sunday, October 11, 2009

My BlackBerry Envy is taken to new Heights!

Welcome back all!

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada & though you might want a ONE MONTH LATER UPDATE
Do you remember this post?

Flash forward to today...
It's been one month & one day since I received my copy of
THE BLACKBERRY DIARIES written by the always wity Kathy Buckworth.

Truthfully it only took me two days to read the book. The problem was that those 2 days were in 2 different months. I'm sure Kathy will forgive my tardiness, as she knows I have a lot on the go (you know with being a twitter mummy & all).

I'd first like to let you know that my BlackBerry ENVY started way before this book. You see I live in Kitchener-Waterloo, home of THE BlackBerry & I work down the street from RIM (where they are developed), so I've had BlackBerry evny for about a decade. What this book did was take it to a whole new level!

Yes I still long for little handheld device that flashes, buzzes & rings, but enough on my CHRISTMAS WISH LIST (hint hint), here's my review of this Fantastic, Funny & Fabulous read.

I've learned from THE BLACKBERRY DIARIES that although Kathy's life & mine are much different, we as MOMS of a Modern World seem to have so many similarites.

Kathy is a mother of 4, who works at home & owns a BlackBerry.
Where as I am a mother of 1, who works in lots of places & I don't own a BlackBerry.

This didn't stop me from laughing at all these situations.

1. Raising kids
2. Working too many hours
3. Being distracted by email (& now Twitter is added to the mix)
4. Travelling with kids
5. Avoiding the gossiping neighbours
6. & ofcourse BEING A HOCKEY MOM

Truth be told, I find her way to handle these situations with grace & a little sarchasm commendable!

She takes everyday situations & makes them into monumental events of learning. You'll learn what to do to get out of the school bake sale, how to use punishment of your child as a means housekeeping & my fave how to pass off the wine stain on your blouse as jam!

Oh how I loved this funny romp through Modern Motherhood & I'm sure you will too!

What do I love the best about this book? That it still being written!
Yes it continues over at

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