Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WFMW how to explain Mommy Blogging to those whe don't get it

I know a lot of you are very experienced in the blogging world.

This is just something I took on this year.

At this point it's for fun, but it would be great for it to be profittable as well. Being Canadian, I'm not sure that companies have the same willinginess to ship their products cross boarder, but I'm sure someday someone will stumble upon my SUNNY blog!

I try to learn about & ask others I know about it, but most don't understand when I say I LOVE MOMMY BLOGGING! They think I just post pics of my son & use it as site for other family members to connect.
I found this via Twitter @YummyMummyClub
It gives a great overview of the new culture of online Moms!

(it took about 3 mins to load up)

I'm not sure if other Bloggers are willing to share their tips on blogging, but if so I'd love your comments & suggestions on mine

For more great advice visit the links at

Keep Smiling!

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