Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Canada Day Cake & Challenge

Hi Everyone that's visiting from
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He're my WFMW
Today is Canada Day! Happy Birthday to the county I love! I want tonight to be great weather for Fireworks-so I'm getting fired up with this song

I also want to wish my USA pals an early Happy July 4th
(the song still applies for your fireworks!)

So this week's theme is Food! So I'm going to repost an easy cake that I got a lot of comments on in February.

For Canada Day you can use Red Jello
For July 4th use Red Jello & Blue Jello (put in each separately, but I'm guessing you will get some purple with the overlap)

Help your country celebrate!
Here's my tip!

I'm not a baker, but I don't mind baking items that come in box mixes & putting my own spin on them (the easier the better!)

A fave among my family & friends is when I make JELLO CAKE! It is incredibly easy!
I usually bake the cake the night before, to give it lots of time to cool & stick it in the fridge just before bed (it will need to stay in the pan, so I often bake it in a Dollar Store aluminum foil cake pan)

You will need

A white or vanilla cake mix & ingredients required for that mix (doesn't matter what brand, as I usually use the NO NAME box cake mix)

Jello (any flavour you love!)

Cool Whip (or No Name dessert topping-I've even used the LIGHT Cool Whip & it works)

Bake the cake as normal. Let cool (as I said above I usually make the cake the day before) & then refridgerate.

Once the cake has cooled take a fork & make lots of piercings all over the cake (the more holes the better!) Remember the cake has to stay in the pan!

Make the JELLO as directed, BUT instead of refridgerating it, pour it all over the cake. The Jello will colour the cake & get into all the fork piercings you've made.

Next cover the whole top of the cake with LOTS of Cool Whip

Put the cake back into the fridge until it is ready to be served

When you cut the cake your guests will think you made a marble cake for them!

How easy was that?
Are you going to try it?
Thanks for reading!
I'm also celebrating my 2nd day of the cleaning challenge over at
You can join in too

In the meantime keep singing
While you head back to

for more great tips!


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