Monday, June 29, 2009

Bathroom Sink & Counter COMPLETE!

So here I am cleaning my bathroom. As you know Diane from
& I are doing a cleaning challenge on
& we want you to join in. (you can clik the link or title of this blogpost to join in).

Her challenge today was to clear the sink area. Most people would just go & do it, but I on the other hand need some motivation.
How do I get home from working all day then go & clean so more?
Well I stay in work mode.... which actually means staying in my work clothes. You see I won't sit on any of the furniture in my house (other than my computer chair) with my work clothes on. So I kept them on & off I went to do my bathroom.

I am waiting on my Norwex cloth (mentioned in Diane's post), so for now I'm using my PC GREEN SCRUB PASTE. It comes with it's own sponge on the top. I think it cost about $6.99 at Zehrs/Superstore.
It works really well on the big areas (counters, sink, tap) & gets it very shiny. In the tight areas where the tap connects to the sink I get some hardwater stains, so I have a fix for that too. I take a Q-Tip, moisten it & dip in it the cleaning paste & rub that around the outside of the tap & any other grooves or crevices that the sponge misses.

Feel free to post comments here, as well as on the challenge page. We want to know how you're doing too!

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