Saturday, April 9, 2016

There's Nothing Up Their Sleeves At The Naked Magic Show Happening @ Centre In The Square - Enter To Win

We'll start with the Disclaimer - Yes we did receive a complimentary tickets, but this just means we're able to offer you a chance attend too! Enter the contest at the end of this post!

Feast Your Eyes On This

There's nothing to see here, clothing wise that is, but we think you won't be able to take you eyes off the @NakedMagicians at THE NAKED MAGIC SHOW happening at Centre In The Square.

We know this summer is going to be HOT so why not get ready by grabbing some tickets to THE NAKED MAGIC SHOW.It's headed for Centre In The Square on June 16th at 7:30pm. Want to know more? Here are the BARE facts.

This boisterous R-rated magic show strips away the top hats and capes, promising full frontal illusions. Good magicians don’t need sleeves and great magicians don’t need pants. This show proves just that.
Need more info? Check out this STRIP of videos.

See anything you like there?  Visit
to purchase your tickets to this magic show. If you don't hurry, the tickets might become a now you see them, now don't, situation.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we think you should get the Mom in your life something that SHE REALLY WANTS!

Reminder this is 19+ restricted event.  That just means it will be really really really fantastic right?

As you can see I'm pretty excited about THE NAKED MAGIC SHOW. That's because I get to giveaway a pair of tickets to a lucky reader!

Enter To Win 

Enter the rafflecopter contest below (it may take a minute to load) and tell me why you want to attend THE NAKED MAGIC SHOW in the comments at the bottom. It may just win you a night out for you and a guest to attend THE NAKED MAGIC SHOW
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Would to love win, this would be a great show to take the soon to be sister in law to as an early bridal shower for her and I lol

  2. This would be an amazing night out for two mom's that have not had a night out in a very long time. Between work and family we haven't had much time for ourselves.

  3. My two sisters would enjoy this show.

  4. Omg I didn't even know this was a thing! I know exactly the person I want to take with me :)

  5. This would be so much fun with friends!

  6. Would love to take my Mom...what a riot of a time we would have!

  7. This would be a fun night out. I have no had any time out or time away from my youngest in 4 years , I mean you can not even count a 24 hour period over 4 full years i have had any alone time or time to myself .. This would be a night out a serious Adult only , No kids night out. ull of jokes and hilarity and who dosent want to see naked magic , I sure do

  8. Ha this looks like SO much fun and its on my birthday :) Id love a 'special' event on my bday LOL

  9. This sounds like a great show, loads of fun! Besides that, who doesn't want to see a great pair of ... ehmmm, men. :)

  10. I love magic and I especially love naked! I have a friend who desperately needs a night out like this and it would be such an amazing night for her to remember!


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