Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cityline Celebrates Tracy Moore's 1000th Show - My View From The Front Row

A Little Twitter Told Me

I am often asked how I find out about the great events we get to attend.  My answer is almost always "I found out about it online!" The same is true for this fabulous occasion!  A while back I saw a tweet about applying for a commemorative Cityline episode so I immediately let Diane know.  She is a big Cityline fan and I knew she would be able to create the perfect writeup for the application.

Soon after she found out that we did make the cut and we would be in the audience for Tracy Moore's 1000th Show on Cityline!  We knew it would be big once we were asked our t-shirt size and that they would be worn during the taping, but we had no idea about all the fanastic gifts we would receive along the way!

Blackberry Z10's, Cadbury Chocolate, Pandora Bracelets, Modern Muse Perfume and get this a Swatch watch (doesn't that take you back?)

Before all the gift giving and show recording began, Tracy was wonderful enough to come out and greet the audience and made a point of talking about how she had been tweeting with us (mostly Diane who suddenly found her voice on twitter) since the annoucement we had been selected to attend.  When she realized that we were the "tiara girls" she started to tell the audience members that she has met us at many other social media events (hence the I found it online statement that I am best known for).

Being part of Tracy's special day was wonderful and we can't wait to run into her again, but for now you can catch us tweeting with the always fabulous Tracy Moore!

Congratulations Tracy!

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