Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blissdom Canada - Mentors Moments And Memories

I Am Thankful For ...

As I am sitting in front of my desktop computer this 2013 Thanksgiving weekend, I am trying to sort out the best of the best from last weekend's Blissdom Canada experience.  Trying to break it down into the most memorable events is very difficult making me realize just how thankful I am to have been part of this year's conference.

Blissdom The Second Time Around

The last Blissdom Canada event I attended was in 2011.  I was unable to go last year because I was in Las Vegas for work.  That was an opportunity I did not want to miss!  When I read the follow up from Blissdom Canada in 2012 I had realized that the blog conference had changed quite a bit from the one I attended the year before, so I was very curious about the new format.

Being what I like to call a serial volunteer, I was thrilled to be asked to assist with registration at Blissdom Canada this year and to be able to meet and greet so many of the attendees!

When I arrived at the registration desk I quickly scanned the name badges.  I saw that I knew about half of the people that would be attending and the other half were new names to me.  I remember thinking "what a great mix" because I love to reconnect with those from other events and meeting new people is something I enjoy as well.


Mentors Moments And Memories

Instead of writing my takeaways from each seminar that I attended I decided to do a roundup of all the events that took place during my weekend at Blissdom Canada. (give it a minute for all the pics to load)  
  • Smelling scents of the wonderful soaps that Jeannine of Wlyde Rose Soaps created for the Handmade Marketplace in the car ride there.  Yes we carpooled!
  • Arriving to the wonderful smiling faces of friends
  • Meeting many at the registration desk
  • Blissdom13day1-69
  • Seeing Anna snapping pictures out of the corner of my eye (majority of the pics in this post are embedded images from the Blissdom Canada flicker account which Anna snapped)
  • The arrival of my roomies for the weekend
  • Running around the hotel trying to figure out which meeting room to be in and when
  • Wearing Our Tiaras!
  • Blissdom2013day2-389
  • Not Wearing Our Tiaras and almost being incognito
  • Conversations around tables whether it be in a workshop, a keynote or a meal
  • Learning how bloggers can change the world
  • Seeing Jully Black perform for the second time that week! Then getting to go on stage with her!
  • Blissdom2013day2-944
  • Jamming as many people as we can in for the last photo of the night
  • Finding a way to get a picture with Jully Black.
  • Late night guests
  • Being taken a-back by a gut check moment
  • Knowing where Team Naked Polo Perfume originated
  • Hearing about the Power created by others
  • Lollipop Moments
  • Blissdom Canada
  • Swimming! Hello Hot Tub!
  • Dancing in my PJ's
  • Blissdom2013day3-778
  • Being part of a stealth mission for beverages and snacks
  • Once again Finding My Bliss
And these are just the ones off the top of my head.  If I was to really stop and reflect this post would become a journal of just one weekend.  I would love to hear your most memorable moments! Leave them in the comments and I'm sure it will help spark more memories for everyone! Then we can all be thankful for the time we spent together at Blissdom Canada.

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