Sunday, April 21, 2013

Find The Inner And Outer Beauty

Am I Pretty?

Several years back I watched a video called PRETTY.  Many of the statements Katie Makkai made in the video have stuck with me.

If you haven't watched it yet please take 3 mins and watch this poetry slam

It was the moment when she said the word pretty should never be used on it's own that has always been my memory of this video.
You should not just be PRETTY
instead you should be
Those are the statments that have always propelled me forward.

I think this is why I resonate with the Dove Realy Beauty/Self Esteem Campaigns.

Through the years there have been some very powerful Dove videos.  This is the one from Dove Canada always stands out for me.....

..... until I saw this one today

How Do You Find The Inner And Outer Beauty?

The latest Dove video goes to show that many do not know that beautiful they are in the eyes of others.
We often talk about focusing on our inner beauty, yet so many don't realize that their inner beauty does show outwardly.  I truly believe that our inner beauty can be seen outwardly as well.

I do my best to surround my self with positive people.  The ones that are cheery and helpful.  Those are the people I think are PRETTY AMAZING! You can tell who they are.  They are the ones that always are smiling and have kind words to share.  They are taking their inner beauty and showing it outwardly. That is the outer beauty that I am speaking of. 


  1. Wow! The video "Am I Pretty" left me haunted. I'd heard the same words come out of my mom's mouth so many times growing up..."don't worry, we'll fix it" And she meant my face or my strange toe or my perceived fat.
    What a powerful delivery :) Thank you for sharing Lisa. Amazing!

  2. Carole I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I believe many grew up in that sort of situation as well. I am very glad to see that those ideals are changing both in homes and in the media.

  3. hmmm .... don't you think we all still want to be attractive? Yes we are all beautiful and we teach our children. I am older than all of you and was always told that was beautiful and that looks were not the focus - however that differed from how society treated us, and the media. Obviously the 'more attractive" girls did get asked out first. But we found our strengths, in humour or goodness of some kind and attracted others. But ... when I look in the mirror I still want to look 'pretty' .. nice ... and attractive, and believe I fall short. As what should a almost 60 year old woman look like? The media seems to think we should look like we did at 35...

    1. Darleen you always look great and so well put together! Many can take lessons from your individuality and sense of style! I believe it is your confidence shining through!

  4. Thanks for sharing. SO thoughtful.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading the post! Thanks for stopping by!


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