Sunday, March 31, 2013

Are You A Social Influencer?

Four Years On Twitter (Double that on Facebook)

Earlier this month I celebrated four years on twitter.  Many people didn't even realize that twitter had been around for so long. From the time I began to present day I have noticed quite a shift in my thinking about social networks.

I have always been a big fan of connecting whether it be for networking purposes or for social interactions.  This is why I took to facebook right away. Soon after came twitter. Next came this blog, which turned into a few other blogs and guest blogging.  I have dabbled in the land of youtube and over the last year or so I have started to enjoy using, pinterest, foursquare and instagram. Ok I'll admit I'm on linkedin and google+ but I don't really put a lot of effort into thoses sites.  All the while I thought of it as making connections.  Soon I was winning Tassimos, receiving tickets to events, and getting prize packs in the mail.  I was thrilled to be so lucky.  I had no idea that my status posts and tweets were thought of as marketing tools for others.  What I know now is that I was adding my influence to those campaigns. I am careful what I talk about online. I know it gives people a sense of who I am.  What you say online leaves an impression on others.  See what I mean in my TV WATCHING of social media below.

What Social Media Influence Means To Me

I think of social media as broadcast tv network and if I don't like something I change the channel

  • Nightly News
Many know that I don't watch the news. I find it filled with so many negative stories. If I see a lot of that coming out of your social media sites, then know I don't watch you. What you are saying about yourself (and your company if you have one) has no influence on me.

  • Comedy Channel
I have a strange sense of humour so if you keep it funny, without being too vulgar, then I'm your audience. I am the one that tries to re-tell the joke to others. In other words you'll see me hitting the Share Button a lot on your content.

  • The Food Network
I love food, so if you talk about it chances are I'm watching. Many times you'll have influence over my weekly grocery shopping.
  • Sports Television
I may not be an uber fan, but I'm not a bandwagon jumper either. If you're talking about the teams and sports that I watch, then I will the one to interact with you.

  • The Weather Network
I am Canadian which means I talk about the weather. If you do as well then there is a good chance we have been in contact when I hear about severe storms heading this way. Your expertise helps me prepare for what might happen. I see you as a go to source of information.

Should I be watching you?

What does your Social Media Channel line up look like? Let me know in the comments below! Do you fall into any of the "CHANNELS" that I'm currently watching or should be? Let me know what you are a great source of info for.

Below is a great infographic about how influential word of mouth marketing is.  In other words this is what your influence on social media can mean.

Social Influencers
Image compliments of MBA in Marketing Degree Guide

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