Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Following Fans

There are all kinds of blog tours (blog carnivals, memes however you refer to them) to help gain blog readers. There are also comment loops to increase traffic and twitter parties almost every night to help you gain followers and get people reading your info.

What I've noticed a lot of lately are a lot of "Hey want to follow my Fan Page?" requests. I myself am included in this request statement.

No matter how much you update, send invites for followers, add Like buttons linking to the page, etc. I've found it hard to gain followers on the Fan Pages I admin and keep the Fans engaging on the Fan Pages.

My Facebook Profile and Twitter Profile are growing steadily and I am thankful for that, but it seems unless you are a HUGE corporation a lot Fan Pages don't increase in numbers the way that other networks do.

So I've Got A Plan....

Following Fans!

It works like the blog tours, but with a few simple rules if you would like to participate

  • You must have a Facebook Fan Page that get updated AT LEAST once a week (preferrably more to keep your audience engaged)
  • Remember to be HELPFUL to the pages you LIKE (Thumbs Up, Comments etc)
  • If you REALLY REALLY REALLY like their content, make sure to add it to your Page Favorites
Remember the more you give the more you get!

How Do YOU Join in the fun?  Just put the info the boxes below
  1. The Name Of Your Facebook Fan Page
  2. Your Email (it won't be displayed)
  3. The URL for your Facebook Fan Page (IE http://www.facebook.com/Those2Girls6DegreesOfUs)
When you hit submit it will make a clickable link to your Fan Page. What are you waiting for? Submit yours & start checking out the others listed. A little LIKE can go a LONG way!


  1. Awesome idea Lisa. You are always so full of great ones!

  2. Check out > http://simplystacie.net/getting-started-with-linkworth-setting-up-your-profile/
    Simply Stacie (Canadian) hosts link parties and such to get each others followers up, and get to meet a lot of really cool people.

  3. Great idea Lisa. And gives me a chance to check out some great pages I might not otherwise have seen.


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