Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eminem Dr Dre and Those2Girls

Driving home today the new Eminem/Dr Dre I NEED A DOCTOR tune came on.  As I'm singing along I came to the realization that their solid friendship is a lot like Diane & my friendship, with the exception of the F-Bombs & Rap Skills.
I know that sounds WHACK (Gangsta enough for you?) but it's true.

We always have each other's back no matter the situation.  We believe in each others goals and are always open to see what new challenges/fun/adventures are coming our way.  We know what Dre & Marshall are talking about when they say about others talking SMACK (see I can do this).  We've been told that we're draining, loud, intense, our ideas won't work, we will fail miserably trying, I could go on, but just like that DUO we don't let any of that noise get in our way.

Why did I write all of this?  Diane needs some cheering up.  She's been ill all week (& truthfully for the better part of month) and needs some encouragement.  She's frustrated and feels that the doctors, pharmascists, natural food store services reps etc. aren't listening to her

But I'm listening.

Sometimes I lean on her, sometimes she leans on me.  Sometimes she's Eminem & Sometimes she's Dr. Dre.

Take a listen & you'll know what I mean

When she's back to perfect health, who knows what we'll tackle next.  Do you have someone like this in your life?  Who's your Eminem?


  1. awww.. thanks Lisa right back at ya!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Ah, that is so nice to read how best friends look after each other. I wish I had a friend like both of you! ♥


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