Friday, January 3, 2014

How To Cook Golden Beets

When I visit the grocery store I always do my best to buy locally grown produce.  Being that I live in Ontario Canada, finding a vegetables from this area in December doesn't come easy.
I was very surprised on my last shopping trip to find Golden Beets that were grown in Ontario.

Cue the jingle....

So I decided to give them a whirl
As you can see the golden beets came with their own recipe (photo of the recipe close up is near the bottom of this post), but as always, I improvised.

The recipe called for 2lbs of Golden Beets and that was the size of bag that I bought.  It said for them to be washed and quartered.

My first question was should I peel them as well? The skin looked rough and not like something I wanted to eat, so I headed over to "Chef Google" to find out. According to Tiny Urban Kitchen yes I could peel the beets.

My next question was about quartering them, as you can see in the image below, some were the size of a baseball, where others were the size of a squash ball.  So instead of quartering them I decided to dice them into chuncks relatively the same size.

I chose to use the olive oil option that was on the recipie and instead of all the spices I tossed them with Himalayan Sea Salt.
That could have went a bit better, the grinder part of the salt container came off and well it became quite a mess. Thankfully the most of the salt spill was centralized in one corner of the pan so I was able to scoop out the majority of salt.

The next step said roast for 40 mins at 400 degrees.  I never know if that means I should cover it or not, but to me roasting is covered so I covered the pan in tin foil and popped it in the oven.

I already had some chicken thighs baking in apple cider vinegar in the oven so the timing should be about the same.  I also put some mini potatoes in my steamer to go along with it. I am sure I could have put the potatoes in with the beets, but I wanted to see how the beets turned out on their own.  Plus steamer mini potatoes don't need much fuss. No peeling, just a good scrub and they are good to go.

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