Sunday, December 15, 2013

Year In Review Time Of Year Again - How Social Sites Help You Reflect

2013 Online Wrap Up

This is the time of year when everyone starts posting their resolutions.
Although I usually come up with a few unique ones, I tend to look back at the year to see what stood out for me.

How Social Sites Help You Reflect

As a reader of mine, I am sure you are aware I post a lot on social media.  This comes in handy when it comes to a personal year in review.

Earlier this week Facebook complied some of my most interactive moments in MY FACEBOOK YEAR IN REVIEW

Another great way to see how your year was is to look back at your blog posts, pinterest pins and twitter hashtags that you use often.  They are a great indication of what you participated in over the last year.

Still looking for something to inspire your year in review?
YouTube posted their 2013 Rewind video as a reminder of what happened in terms of viral video over the past twelve months

And I expect that soon the 2013 Google Zeitgeist will be out with many moments from 2013 that made you both laugh and cry.

Updated Dec 17 2013 Google Zeitgeist is Live

How do you find ways to reflect on the past year? Did something stand out for you? Leave a comment below so we can both share in your memory!

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