Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest is of Interest - Top 10 Reasons To Join Pinterest

Over the last few weeks Pinterest has really caught on.  I've been on it for a while now, but it's actually Diane that got me hooked.

Here's some of the reasons she used to convince me to join Pinterest

  1. No more clogging up your computer's memory with lots of bookmarks, just pin it & it's saved to the site
  2. Uploading pins from websites can be helpful, but repinning images that take you to websites you didn't even know about can be a great way to get new ideas
  3. How To's on pretty much ANY subject
  4. Follow a person, or just follow their boards that interest you
  5. Keep things close at hand that inspire you, whether it be quotes, pictures, videos etc
  6. If your boards become too big, you can re-categorize them.
(in my case that might mean when I get too many Star Wars images, I could break that board down to one for Jedi & one for Sith, or even by Character)

Here's some reasons I've come up with to join, since I've started on Pinterest
  1. It's like a visual Google without worrying about the wrong images popping up
  2. Just because someone (LIKE ME) isn't crafty, doesn't mean they can't use someone elses craft-making pins for another purpose IE I will never crochet this, but it fits perfectly on my TiaraArmy board 
  3. You'll find something you learned how to do is helpful to others as well.
  4. It serves as a great place to keep track of your goals
  5. It can become a white board for your projects
  6. You might be inspired to try something you normally would not have thought of 
  7. Pinterest is a great way to extend your website
  8. Find friends with similar interests
  9. Become skilled at something you're already good at
  10. Keep all your random ideas, all together in one organized place!
Because so many of our friends are joining Pinterest, and other than just pinning, we want to chat about Pinterest, we created a PINTEREST PALS group on Facebook last week.
If you love Pinterst too, please join our group!  In order to make it easier to follow people & remember their Pinterest sites, I've setup a Linky below.  Feel free to add your Pinterest page too!


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